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Empowered, inspired, purpose-driven living

Are you feeling lost and disconnected?

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Success Coaching

Spiritual Counseling

Emotional Release Techniques

Grief Counseling

Work with me to expand your well-being. Rediscover and reconnect to allow you to live more and love more.

Fully Engaged

Immersed and present in every conversation, Sandy remembers conversations and insights and circles back about your questions and concerns each time your talk, leaving no gap of understanding.


With Caring Feedback, Sandy provides alternative points of view, allowing growth and transformation.

Understanding Intuitive

Sandy listens carefully first, asking insightful questions, and helping you answer your own questions. 


Coming from a place of love, I want the best for each person and situation. I believe in whole-life wellness and want to help you become your best self.

Coaching and Counseling

Growing through Change, Emotional Release, Letting Go

Grief Counseling

Healing, Moving through Loss, Grieving Process

Relationship Counseling

Greater Communication and Understanding


"Sandy is amazing. She nurtures and supports me in fully accepting and being who I am, encouraging me to break through my self-made limitations." 

"Sandy sees with eyes of wisdom, immediately cutting through to what truly matters."

"Sandy is a healing balm. She energizes thought into action leading me to my greatest self." 

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